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While this isn’t exactly vegetarian in nature, I would like to direct people to CHC Radio.

My long time friend and co-worker Margaret Flinter and I do a biweekly podcast called Conversations on Healthcare. Please take a listen

Peace and Health

Mark Masselli

Mark Cooks: Christmas Dinner


Stir fried Brussels sprouts mushroom and onions


And quicker steamed the asparagus

Cheese ravioli with tomatoes and pesto

Salad was mixed greens – arugula – tomatoes

Peace and Health

Mark Masselli

Thanksgiving: A Vegetarian Dilemma

Thanksgiving is in five days, and that can be a rough day if you’re vegetarian and you’re the only one. Here’s a good list of alternative dishes to help you out!

Peace and health,
Mark Masselli

Vegetarian Facts

Being a vegetarian is important because of animal welfare, but it can also do a lot for your health. Vegetarians are generally at lower risk for heart disease, various cancers, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Of course, this assumes that you maintain a healthy vegetarian diet, but if so, it offers some great benefits.

Brown University’s Vegetarian Health Facts

Peace and Health,
Mark Masselli

Mark Masselli: Vegetarian

I am trying to gather together my various recipes and vegetarian resources into one place

Peace and Health
Mark Masselli (Community Health Center, Middletown, CT) Vegetarian